"Without silence, there is no prayer; and without prayer, there is no supernatural life in God... The silence of heaven rests above the great din of the world. Before the immensity of the Infinite, there are no words, only wonder, adoration, and silence... if we, who are made in the image of God, are to approach Him, 'The great Silent One,' we must first quiet ourselves and enter into His silence..." - Cardinal Robert Sarah, The Power of Silence



The Mary, Mother of Mercy Adoration Chapel is located at the former convent building on the Saint Ann Campus at 1648 Sheridan Street.   

A code is needed to gain access to the Chapel. Please contact the Parish Office at 570-322-5935 for a code.


Current Hours are: Monday 6am-9pm, Tuesday 5am-8pm, Wednesday 6am-7pm, Thursday 5am-8pm, Friday 5am-7pm, Saturday 7am-6pm & Sunday 2pm-8pm


An adoration committee is in place to schedule the overall adoration program and hours. Each committee member is responsible for adorers by day as listed below:

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: Cathy Georgy
570-220-5593 (voicemail or text) or (email)
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Laura Brann 
570-485-9013 (voicemail or text) or (email)


Please continue to contact the Parish Office at 570-322-5935 or Laura at 570-485-9013 with any maintenance related issues.  They will contact the maintenance department.  You may always feel free to contact Laura with any adoration related comments, suggestions, or concerns or when you are unable to reach your daily coordinator.

Prayerfully consider whether or not you would be willing to serve as a future adoration shift coordinator.  As we move to 24/7 adoration, we will need volunteers to schedule future shifts as follows: Sundays (6am-7pm) and all evening shifts (7pm-5am).   If interested in these future positions, please call Laura at 570-485-9013.

As always, thank you for your unwavering commitment to adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for the intention of new vocations to the priesthood and religious life.