Ministries & Committees




In communion with Bishop Bambera’s pastoral vision for the local church, please pray over these ways to become not just a believer, but a missionary who helps build up the Kingdom of God by a life lived in love and service to God and neighbor.

If you have interest in ANY of the below opportunities for involvement please contact the Parish office at (570)322-5935 or, or you can directly contact the Pillar Chairperson or listed ministry representative.

A completed Ministry Brochure can also be submitted to the Parish office. 


Ministries of Worship: Bereavement, Children's Liturgy, Liturgical Environment, Liturgical Ministers, Liturgy Committee, Music Ministry

Ministries of Word: Youth Group, Children's Ministry, OCFC, Young Adults, Religious Ed, RCIA

Ministries of Community: Adoration, Knights of Columbus, Knit Wits, Catholic Home Schooling, Mom's Group, Rosary Guild, SJNRA, Scouts, Senior Adults, Sports, Welcoming Committee, Women's Guild

Ministries of Service: CARE, Family Promise, Open Heart Ministry, Prison Ministry

Ministries of Leadership & Stewardship: Collection Counter, Communications Committee, Rummage Sale, Stewardship Committee

Vocations: Priest/Deacon/Seminarian, Consectrated Life, Married/Single Life



Ministries of Worship
Ministries of Word
Ministries of Community
Ministries of Service
Ministries of Leadership & Stewardship