Ministries of Leadership & Stewardship
Office Manager & Bookkeeper: Mary Jo Raniero


Leadership & Stewardship help us all remain active parishioners to support St. Ann programs. These ministries includes fundraising, Diocesan Annual Appeal, collection counting, communications, and administrative activities.


Collection Counter
Mary Jo Raniero | 570.322.5935 |

The counters meet on a weekly basis and receive funds collected from Mass offertories to count, record, and deposit them.

Communications Committee
BJ McFadden | 570.447.9844 |

The mission of the committee is to provide church information that fosters a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and promotes greater participation in Parish ministries, activities, and liturgical events. The committee works collaboratively with the Pastor, councils, and committees to facilitate proper communications in support of the Parish mission and vision through print and electronic media, including the bulletin, Parish website, electronic bulletin boards, and newspaper.

Rummage Sale
Kathy Noe | 570.546.8059 |

Rummage sales are held twice a year and are supplied by the generous donations and work efforts of the Parish. All proceeds benefit the church, and any unsold items are donated to the American Rescue Workers.

Stewardship Committee
Paul Rooney | 570.419.3718 |

The mission of the committee is to lead and manage all church efforts to raise funds and enhance resources. The committee develops and implements plans and activities that support all fundraising efforts, including COSA Cash Club, capital campaigns, increased offertory programs, Diocesan Annual Appeal, and other resource-generating activities such as gifts and donations and coordination with benefactors.