Do I really have to go to Mass every Sunday?
September 27, 2020, 12:00 PM
Yes, you do. Every Sunday is a holy day of obligation. God commands us to “keep holy the Sabbath” (see the third commandment), and the Church has taught since the beginning that, at minimum, we are to fulfill this commandment by going to Mass every Sunday. (Note: the Sunday Vigil Mass on Saturday evening also fulfills our “Sunday obligation” to God. According to the Church’s calendar, Sunday actually begins on Saturday evening.)

On Sunday, nothing should come in the way of worship, service and relaxation (CCC 2185). We know this can be tough at times. There are many demands and opportunities that come up on Sunday that can conflict with Mass. But just ask yourself, “If my favorite band was as the Church tonight, would I get there?”, or, “If there was a bag of money for me on the altar, would I go to get it?” If you would make it for that and not the Eucharist, what does that say about where God fits in your list of priorities?

In addition, God desires to share with us something far greater than merely material possessions. He gives us His very self in the Eucharist! What treasure on earth could ever compare?