How can I “get into” Mass more?
May 10, 2020, 12:00 PM
Step One is understanding the Mass. You can have front row tickets to the Super Bowl, but if you do not know the rules of football you’ll likely be focused on the foot-long sub sandwich more than the once-in-a-lifetime game. This [bulletin series] is designed to help you with Step One. We would also encourage you to check out the Catechism, paragraphs 1322-1419, or better yet, its entire second part, entitled “The Celebration of the Christian Mystery.” It is beautiful, not overly long, and easy to understand.
Step Two in your quest to tap into the power of the Mass is to pursue a real, loving relationship with Jesus. We need to be in touch with Him throughout the week, not just for that one hour on Sunday. Think about it: How healthy would a marriage be if spouses just communed with each other one hour each week (out of 168 total hours)? It wouldn’t be healthy at all. If that is all the time we give to Jesus, Mass is going to seem like less of an encounter with the living God and more like a burdensome collection of man-made rituals. Reflecting on this, St. John Paul II once said that “Religion itself, without the wondrous discovery of the Son of God and communion with him who became our brother, becomes a mere set of principles which are increasingly difficult to understand, and rules which are increasingly hard to accept.” This [bulletin series] cannot really help you with Step Two. It is up to you to set aside time for daily prayer, Scripture study, regular confession, service to others, a yearly retreat, and fellowship.
In addition, here are some specific things you can do beforehand to prepare your mind and heart for Mass:
  1. Check out the readings for the upcoming Sunday and meditate on them. They can be found online at You could even start a small group to hang out, share a meal, and discuss how to apply the Sunday readings to your daily lives.
  2. Arrive at Mass ten or even fifteen minutes early to quiet your heart in prayer. Better yet, if there is exposition and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in your area, go! [Learn more at] There is no substitute for adoring Jesus to get you ready to receive Him well.
  3. Above all, ask the Holy Spirit to help you more fully enter into the feast He has prepared for you.
  4. Finally, during Mass, ask Mary to help you enter into prayer. She is “the model for each of us, called to receive the gift that Jesus makes of himself in the Eucharist.” If we can receive Jesus as she did, and offer ourselves to the Father with Him as she did, there is no doubt that we will also be filled with His presence and bring Him into the world as she did.