I stopped going to Mass because there are so many hypocrites in my parish. Why should I worship with such people?
April 19, 2020, 12:00 PM
Reality check: There are going to be people who bother you everywhere you go. Does that mean you should stay home and never go to school, the movies, the grocery store, or work ever again? Of course not. So why stay home from Mass?
There has been hypocrisy in the Church (as in every institution that involves sinful human beings) since its beginning. We are all aware of the recent scandals in the Church involving a very small percentage of priest and bishops. (We always need to remember that the overwhelming majority of priests and bishops are good, dedicated men.) Scandals involving members of the clergy are nothing new. The apostles were the first bishops, and one of them caused extraordinary scandal - Judas, who betrayed Jesus for money and turned Him in to be killed. If you are counting, that is one (or 8.5%) out of twelve. Did Jesus' other disciples then decided to turn away from Him and His teachings because of the "hypocrisy" of a Church leader? No, because they were not followers of Judas but of Christ. Judas did not hang on the Cross and die for them; Jesus did. Though it hurt them deeply, Judas' failure did not affect their faith in Jesus - nor in the Church that He had founded.
What did Judas' sin have to do with them and God? Nothing. Just so, the sinfulness and hypocrisy you may encounter in some members of your parish - and even in some priests - has nothing to do with your relationship with God. It would be foolish to let another's bad example deprive you of His gift of grace to you in the Mass.