Isn’t eating the body and blood of Jesus cannibalism?
June 14, 2020, 12:00 PM
No, it is not.
Cannibalism is eating the flesh of a dead human being. Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is fully alive. After we receive Him, His Real Presence remains alive and well within us (for as long as the appearance of bread and wine remains). If we liken our reception of Jesus in Holy Communion to anything else in our earthly lives, it would be most like the one-flesh union of a married couple. The living God unites Himself to us physically and fills us with His own divine life so that we may be spiritually fruitful. The love that God has for us is often likened to the love of a husband for his wife (see Ephesians, chapter five). The Eucharist is the consummation of that covenant love between God and His people. That is how close our God wants to be with us and how deeply He loves us… a far cry from the barbaric practice of cannibalism!
If you really think about it, when we receive communion it is more like God consuming us that our consuming God. If you eat a donut it becomes part of you because you are bigger than that donut. God is greater than you, so that if you receive God, you become part of Him.