Ministries of Worship

Worship Pillar Chairperson: Bill Piotrowski

Worship nourishes and deepens our faith through a variety of prayer experiences and liturgical celebrations. These ministries create an environment with the necessary ministers, music, and appropriate items for all Liturgies.
Bereavement - Family & Funeral
The Bereavement Committee provides care, comfort, and support to the bereaved families of Saint Ann Parish in their experience of loss in a way that is fully sensitive to their grief and responsive to their needs.  This includes the planning of funeral services.
Little Flower Altar Guild (Liturgical Environment)
Sharon Buehrer | 570.326.6801 |
The Altar Guild’s mission is to render, with dedication and loving attention, all holy housework needed for the liturgy and worship at Saint Ann Catholic Church with an intention of creating a sacred environment of truth, peace, hope, charity, and love, for the greater glory of God.
Liturgical Ministers: Altar Server, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Greeter, Lector, Sacristan, and Usher
Altar Servers serve the Church by assisting the celebrant at each Mass. Adult servers provide assistance during weekday and funeral Masses, and youth servers provide assistance during weekend and holiday Masses.
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion serve the Church by distributing Holy Communion to the Faithful at Mass.
Greeters are the first face of welcoming in the church.  They offer kind salutations to all that enter the church during weekend liturgies and feast and holy day services.
Lectors serve the Church by proclaiming God’s Word in Masses, Communion Services outside Mass, Funeral Services, and to the sick and homebound.
Sacristans ensure the security of the Sacristy and the Eucharist, serve as the Mass coordinator, and are responsible for Mass set up and clean up.  Sacristans assist the Celebrant in the preparations for Liturgies, including books, sacred vessels, vestments, incense, and offertory.
Ushers help ensure the Liturgies flow smoothly.  Ushers direct the congregation’s seating and movements outside the pews, take up collections, and arrange for the presentation of the gifts.  They are ministers of hospitality, representatives of the Parish, and sources of information.
Liturgy Committee
Becky Goonan | 570.447.4795 |
The Liturgy Committee members are the Clergy and Ministry representatives from Music, Faith Formation, Liturgical Ministers, Bereavement, and Liturgical Environment, as well as Facilities Management and the PPC Worship Pillar Chairperson. The Committee meets quarterly to ensure the next quarter’s Liturgies are properly planned and organized. The Committee maintains the annual Liturgical calendar.
Music Ministry: Cantor, Choir Member, Digital Worship Aid Assistant, and Instrumentalist
Becky Goonan | 570.447.4795 |
Cantors lead the congregation in song at all weekend liturgies, feasts and holy days, and funeral services.
Choir Members participate in the Sunday 9:45 Mass as well as feast and holy day services to enhance the liturgy and assist in leading the congregation in song.  The main choir is open to high schoolers and adults. 
Digital Worship Aid Assistants control the screens at the front of the Church during all weekend liturgies and some holidays. This would be a great position for middle school and high school students but is open to any who are comfortable using PowerPoint.
Instrumentalists include keys, strings, winds, brass, and percussion that participate in the liturgy to accompany the cantors, choir, and small ensembles and enhance the liturgy.  Music styles range from Gregorian chant to contemporary praise & worship.