So why does God take Sunday so seriously?
October 4, 2020, 12:00 PM
Because He takes our freedom so seriously. The third commandment, like all the others, was not given to us to bind us to yet another religious obligation but to set us free. Although we may not see it immediately, following the laws of God actually “frees” us – liberates us. Here’s how this is so with the third commandment:
God originally commanded His people, Israel, to rest and worship on the Sabbath day as a sign that they did not belong to a Pharaoh (the earthly ruler) but to Him. They were meant for more than just “working for Pharaoh.”
They did not exist for servile work but for God! The same holds true today: By honoring God’s commandment to worship Him at least one day per week (in the manner He established – the Eucharistic celebration known as the “Mass”), it declares our freedom. It reminds us that we aren’t slaves to our work, and that “work is for the man and not man for work.” We show the world – and remind ourselves – that we do not ultimately live for this world, but for God, and that our number one priority is beyond this world and in the heavenly promised land to come.