The Mass, with all its seriousness, seems so removed from everyday life. How does it affect me “here and now”?
April 26, 2020, 12:00 PM
Actually, there is no better way to affect the “here and now” than by receiving the Maker of the Universe in the Eucharist at Mass.
The Mass allows us to be united with Jesus in the Eucharist. Through Holy Communion, we are nourished spiritually and grow in holiness. The Eucharist fortifies us in our quest to be saints and to live life to the full here and now. St. Thomas More (1478-1535) was one great example of this. He was an attorney, the key advisor to King Henry VIII of England, and the father of five. But he saw such value in the Mass that he went daily. A friend once asked him how he could afford to make time for Mass with all the things he had to do. His response was, “With all that I have to do, how can I not make time for Mass?” He likely had to call on the grace he received from daily Mass when he faced execution for “treason.” His crime? Refusing to acknowledge Henry as the supreme authority of the Church of England rather than the pope.
Whether we are facing an exam, a big game, a business meeting, or an angry boss, we can find in the Mass the grace we need to be faithful to God’s will for our lives, to be men and women of greatness in every circumstance. Grace gives us the strength we need to be diligent in our work, peaceful under pressure, clear-headed in conflicts, loving and pure in relationships, and humble in our interactions with others. The Mass helps us to keep our priorities straight so that we might truly achieve happiness in this life and in the next.
So nothing helps us to succeed more “here and now” than the Mass. Perhaps that is why people of faith have had the most positive impact on the world throughout history.