Deacon's Corner: How might we transform our lives to be more Christ-like?
February 25, 2024, 12:00 PM
On this Second Sunday of Lent our Gospel is the Transfiguration of the Lord! Listen to the Mass readings and consider how we can change. Today’s Gospel portrays Jesus as a new Moses. Moses took three companions up a mountain, was overshadowed by the cloud of God's presence, spoke with God, and his clothing was made radiant. In His transfiguration, Jesus takes three disciples up the mountain, is overshadowed by the cloud, and His clothes become dazzling white. Jesus shows Peter, James, and John His divine glory and gives them hope. Because we have the Holy Spirit, represented by the cloud, and the voice of the Father from the cloud, in the presence of Jesus, we have an epiphany of the Holy Trinity. Moses foretold a prophet to whom the people would listen. Jesus is that prophet, and the Voice from the cloud commands us, "Listen to Him!" Do we? Do we truly listen or just hear words and not act on them? As you can see, there are some very impressive symbols in the Gospel. The disciples represent us when Peter says, “It is good that we are here.” Where? In the presence of Jesus, of course! Think of the times we are in His Presence: at Mass, in Adoration, in the reception of the Sacraments, and in prayer, when two or three are gathered in His Name. When we listen to Jesus and make our commitment to Him, the Holy Spirit invisibly changes our hearts and gives us hope. Our love of God begins to show itself in our actions toward God and neighbor and gives them hope. We are transfigured and become more Christ-like. Now you know!